Amphan relief (ভরসা)

Cyclone Amphan has caused great damage in rural and urban areas in both West Bengal and Odisha. Reports say 82 lives were lost, 80 in West Bengal and 2 in Odisha. Thatched houses, small shops, livestock, trees and crops have been ruined in the areas affected in both the States. As in all cases of disaster, it is families from vulnerable communities that have suffered the most, many of them have seen their homes and livelihoods destroyed.

With the danger of COVID19 still looming large, Cyclone Amphan had caused untold sufferings for the migrants who were returning home especially since rail and road traffic have been closed. We need to help victims of both these disasters. Nagorik Somonnoy Mancha(NSM) is responding and we appeal to you to support our emergency response and help those who need it the most.

Cyclone Amphan had affected East Medinipur, South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas and Kolkata districts in West Bengal. Reports say that 80 people have died, 10.2 Lakh houses have been destroyed and huge amount of crops and farmland have been damaged due to ingress of sea water and flooding. Primary govt reports indicate that 1.36 crore people have been affected all over the state spanning over 21,560 sq. km of land.

Our Volunteer team had conducted over 60 humanitarian missions to the  Sundarbans areas spanned across both North & South 24 Parganas & also to Nandigram Area of East Medinipur. NSM had carried out extensive relief work for the tribal people, the stranded and anyone affected by Amphan. The People there were in immediate need of Tarpaulin, baby food, ration, supplies and other necessities to run daily life.

NSM has also extended its support in the reconstruction of village huts , dykes to prevent in flow of saline water . We had also supported the local population in their endeavour to restart the economic activities to sustain the families.

We want all of you to be a part of our mission to handhold the population of Amphaan affected people of West Bengal

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Beyond money and material, spread the word around in your own network of friends, family and colleagues to get more people to take some positive action. It could be about sponsoring NSM Kits, Afforestation Initiative, spreading the word about NSM & its Works


1. Covid19 - প্রত্যয় 2. Amphan Relief (ভরসা) 3. Peoples Kitchen (নাগরিক হেঁসেল)

Ongoing efforts

1. Plantation of trees (শিকড়) 2. Oxygen for Covid19 infected (আশ্বাস)

Upcoming Projects

1. Herbal (ভেষজ) 2. Self-reliant (স্বাবলম্বী)