Covid 19 (প্রত্যয়)

 In the midst of the on-going pandemic, social distancing is a luxury that India’s informal workforce of 450 million cannot afford. With the government lockdown order and inadequate state provisions for food distribution, several families are sleeping hungry in their homes, stranded at railway stations or state borders. 

we started our journey in 2020 with an aim to provide relief to these section of the community.

Firstly ,We initiated sanitization program in the  7 municipal markets in Dum Dum locality under Dum Dum Municipality  of North 24 Pgs of West Bengal and along with that we had distributed face masks and hand sanitizers for a span of 7 days starting from 25th March’2020. 

We then distributed over 2500 packets in our locality within a tenure of 15 days consisting of energy packed staple food & Household items which  Rice, Lentils, Potato, Onion, cooking oil, soap, detergent , Egg , Sanitary Napkin, mask & Sanitizer.

The medical practitioners & Care givers are our First line of Defence against Covid 19 Pandemic. We provided 500 PPE kits to 5 hospitals in around Kolkata so as they get equipped to support the Pandemic .

We also supported the cause of the job less sex workers of Kolkata through Durbar Foundation. We provided food packets to them which helped to sustain 200 people for a span of 10 days.

But as the duration of lock down increased gradually , the buying capability of the people drastically diminished. We had no other option but to support the lower middle class and the migrant labourers by setting up of ” Community Kitchen”. We had delivered 60,000+ nutritious cooked meals over a period of 45 days . 

Each nutritious meal of approximately 450 calories, costed only INR 31/-. We have in place a team of well-trained inhouse cooks & Volunteers , who follow standard operating procedures to maintain hygiene and quality parameters. Daily, our Volunteers identified localities where people are hungry and we distributed the food there. 

This effort Lasted till 20th May 2020 , the day super cyclone Amphan devastated West Bengal.

We make a living by what we get

Beyond money and material, spread the word around in your own network of friends, family and colleagues to get more people to take some positive action. It could be about sponsoring NSM Kits, Afforestation Initiative, spreading the word about NSM & its Works


1. Covid19 - প্রত্যয় 2. Amphan Relief (ভরসা) 3. Peoples Kitchen (নাগরিক হেঁসেল)

Ongoing efforts

1. Plantation of trees (শিকড়) 2. Oxygen for Covid19 infected (আশ্বাস)

Upcoming Projects

1. Herbal (ভেষজ) 2. Self-reliant (স্বাবলম্বী)