Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

The measure of life is not its duration but its dignity

NSM Foundation envisions to grow as an idea across regions, economies and countries using urban discard as a tool to alleviate poverty and enhance the dignity of the economically underprivileged  in the world. Address basic but neglected issues of the economically backward by involving them in evolving their own solutions with dignity and urban material as reward.

We make a living by what we get

Beyond money and material, spread the word around in your own network of friends, family and colleagues to get more people to take some positive action. It could be about sponsoring NSM Kits, Afforestation Initiative, spreading the word about NSM & its Works


1. Covid19 - প্রত্যয় 2. Amphan Relief (ভরসা) 3. Peoples Kitchen (নাগরিক হেঁসেল)

Ongoing efforts

1. Plantation of trees (শিকড়) 2. Oxygen for Covid19 infected (আশ্বাস)

Upcoming Projects

1. Herbal (ভেষজ) 2. Self-reliant (স্বাবলম্বী)