oxygen relief program (আশ্বাস)

The 2nd Wave of Covid 19 pandemic hit India during the month of April ‘2021 . The Elections in the state of West Bengal and Assam aggravated the situation negatively. Every day nearly 3 lakhs + people are getting affected.

The main medication in the second wave seems to Oxygen, and people are dying everywhere due to lack of oxygen. How could we refrain ourselves from doing nothing, watching at this situation.

So we again called for crowd funding and our call was ably answered by our friends and well wisher stationed allover the globe.

With their help and support we stared our journey with eight O2 Cylinders and now we are having healthy quantity to support atleast a portion of fellow citizen. We are in continuous endeavour to get more cylinders added to the helpline.

Where o2 cylinders are not available , we are providing oxygen cans to the people who need immediate oxygenation to survive atleast for 1 day, in the mean time we are looking for oxygen cylinders and even guiding the patients to get them admitted to the nearest health care centers.

We make a living by what we get

Beyond money and material, spread the word around in your own network of friends, family and colleagues to get more people to take some positive action. It could be about sponsoring NSM Kits, Afforestation Initiative, spreading the word about NSM & its Works


1. Covid19 - প্রত্যয় 2. Amphan Relief (ভরসা) 3. Peoples Kitchen (নাগরিক হেঁসেল)

Ongoing efforts

1. Plantation of trees (শিকড়) 2. Oxygen for Covid19 infected (আশ্বাস)

Upcoming Projects

1. Herbal (ভেষজ) 2. Self-reliant (স্বাবলম্বী)