Plantation of trees (শিকড়)

The indispensable importance of forests is certainly not a subject that most people are unaware of. From a home to flora and fauna to being an important factor that helps mitigate climate change, our dependence on forests begin right from the air we breathe to the wood we use.

This once abundant abode of resources however, is slowly turning extinct in our country due to increased land use, overgrazing and indiscriminate felling of trees. India is losing 1.5 million hectares of forest cover every year and at this rate it won’t be long before our forests are depleted entirely.

To add to the woe , the super cyclone Amphan, have caused  wide scale destruction of the Sundarbans – the tidal Mangrove forest situated in the southern part of Bengal in the districts of North & South 24 parganas.

We at NSM , are trying to replenish the damage caused to a certain extent. We are supporting the local population to collect the mangrove seeds , which float out of the jungles during the monsoon .

We are engaging the local population to plant the seeds on the newly recreated dykes so as these plants can prevent the rapture of dykes in future. This afforestation effort will have many fold affects viz. increase forest cover & prevent dykes from rapture in future , thus protecting the flooding & lastly generating employment for the local populace.

Along with that we are planting fruit bearing semi grown plants (not saplings) indigenous to region like , Mango, jack fruit , guava , black berry , water apple in and around the city of Kolkata, in order to replenish the loss of flora, The Fruits from the trees  will also serve as a food for the birds and thus will also help to bring back the depleting number of birds in the city.

We are seeking active participation from people from all corners, who can protect the saplings for a certain period of time in their locality ,so as they do not get destroyed by grazing or any other natural calamity.

Our target this year is to plant  10000 Fruit trees in & around Kolkata and also in all the sub divisional head quarters.

We make a living by what we get

Beyond money and material, spread the word around in your own network of friends, family and colleagues to get more people to take some positive action. It could be about sponsoring NSM Kits, Afforestation Initiative, spreading the word about NSM & its Works


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Ongoing efforts

1. Plantation of trees (শিকড়) 2. Oxygen for Covid19 infected (আশ্বাস)

Upcoming Projects

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